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The Five Year Itch

Five years ago. That’s the last time I posted something. I wouldn’t be shocked if you got an email notification that I had posted a new blog and you thought to yourself, “why?” I mean, I have been as inconsistent on this as CB Bucknor was in last night’s Nationals and Braves game. But, I’m gonna try again.

To be completely honest, my wife has set the bar for writing. She has been writing consistently now, and in reading what she has to say, I’m encouraged to get back on. For me, writing has always been a sense of release. Ever since I first started counseling back in college, I have been writing off and on again for eight years. Mostly journaling. But it has given me a chance to work through my thoughts and feelings and take an introspective look at my life. Somewhere in the past five years, I put that thinking into other things. Namely running.

Yes, if you have been around me consistently, it’s kind of the only thing I have been talking about. I have become addicted to running.  In fact, addiction is light term for it. I have decided to push myself. My goal was to get myself in good shape by the time I turned 30 (which finally happened last month) and part of that goal was encouraged by training for my first marathon. I ran the Los Angeles Marathon on March 19, exactly one week after I turned 30, and enjoyed every minute of the 4:09 it took me to run it. So much so, that during the run, I decided immediately that I would run another. And probably other anothers after that.

There is something freeing about running. In fact, I have seen my writing take a back seat in the time that I really began pushing myself to run more. I can think through my thoughts for the 30 – 90 minutes I spend running. Never mind the fact that I am also doing something fairly healthy (for cardio, not necessarily my knees), I have loved getting out either on my own, pushing my kids or running with my bride. Right before the marathon, I did my fourth half marathon and found myself with a new P.R. And then almost immediately after the marathon, I ran my first Ultra Ragnar with a team of six amazing people who continue to push me to be a better runner. The Ragnar consisted of almost 200 miles split between six people, running from Huntington Beach to San Diego. Talk about CRAZY!

Needless to say, running has become my fourth passion, behind my Jesus, my family, and my ministry. It’s something that allows me to gather my thoughts, push myself past the limits I thought I had and become a better, healthier person. I run because it feels good. I run because my daughter once told me, when I was about to go out on a run, “Daddy, when I get older, I want to run like you and mommy.”

If the only good thing that comes from running is my kids stay active, and I am around to be active in their life, then it will all have been worth it. But for now, I am also going to write. And I hope you enjoy what I have to say.