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The “Cold” War

Well, it finally happened: Addalyn Grace had her first “real” cold. During the onset of teething, she would get congested, stuffy and have a runny nose, but nothing like this before. As new parents, it was heartbreaking. We couldn’t communicate to her, letting her know it will be alright, comforting her in ways you could comfort someone who speaks the same language. We couldn’t tell what was actually hurting her at any specific moment. Her temperature never reached more than 100, so all in all her first cold was a success by many standards. But try telling that to a 7 month old who has been battling the pain of teething and now can’t get comfortable on an ongoing basis.

It was difficult to be a parent and feel so helpless. We knew she was in pain but literally could not do much about it except hold her and give her the occasional dosage of Tylenol. We tried many things to clear her up, but we knew it had to run its course to build up her immunity. The hardest part was seeing her watch us, as mom and dad, wondering why we weren’t helping.

I wonder if sometimes, God feels the same way. It’s not that Addalyn got herself into this mess of a cold. It happens. But sometimes life happens. And we have to figure out how to move past the loss of a loved one, or the loss of a job. Or maybe we received a call from a doctor that it is cancer and treatment needs to start immediately. Sometimes I wonder if our Heavenly Father is trying to comfort us through those tough times, yet our expectations might be like my daughter’s were during her cold: why can’t you just fix it? God is there, comforting. But sometimes, we don’t want comfort. We want things to go back to normal.

The book of Job is an interesting story of a man who had everything. In fact, he had more than everything. He was set. Job had a big family, land, wealth and a career. Yet, it was all taken away, by nothing that he had done. Instead of doing what most of us probably would have done, he continued living a life that was faithful to the Father.

This is how I want to live my life. Instead of looking up and asking, “Why God,” and, “Can’t you fix it,” I want to have authentic faith. I want to know and believe that God is caring for me and accept His comfort. It’s in these trials that God can mold us into the people He dreams we can become.

The Psalmist writes,

“Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever. Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the LORD or fully declare his praise?

Like parents who want to comfort their sick child on the road to recovery, so God also wants to comfort us in our trials. We must pursue God with the faith of a child.

“Baby” Steps

Well, Addalyn is now mobile! At 7 months old, she is saying a few words (DaDa was the first one!) and now she is moving around. A couple weeks ago, she began pulling herself up in her crib. Little did we know that would be the beginning of what I am sure is the end!

It is crazy to think that just seven months ago, we were bringing her home from the hospital. She was so tiny and couldn’t even support herself. Now, she is beginning to see the world in a new light. She is working on touching everything she can get her hands on. She is realizing that Max (our dog) is there for her to terrorize; and he accepts that fate.

Addalyn can’t stand staying still for even a moment. She begins to get antsy whenever she is confined to our arms. She loves anything that we have. It might be an iPhone one second, but the moment we take interest in something else, her attention wanes on that first device.

I am learning a lot about being a parent, specifically a Father. The first time we took Addalyn to get her shots, my heart literally broke when she started crying. Of course, as parents, you know that this temporary pain is going to help your child. But when she started crying, I almost couldn’t take it. As soon as the nurse was done, I gobbled her up in my arms and let her take solace in my chest.

I’m beginning to understand more and more the love God has for His children. I would absolutely give my life for my daughter. I want to see her succeed and have all the best plans for her. But there will come a point when she will make her own decisions. Some of those decisions have already begun. Her insistence on grabbing at anything and everything has led to more than a couple bumps and bruises. I am trying to balance protecting her and letting her learn on her own, but being there to comfort her.

We have had a hectic past few months. From moving back to California, to moving into our own place and settling in at our respective jobs, it has been a transition that has taken some time. Addalyn is beginning to get comfortable in her environment and has adjusted well to mom and dad working full time jobs. My prayer is that she grows into a beautiful woman after God’s heart. In the meantime, I get to watch her taking baby steps.